5 Tips for Weight Loss Success

Just as obesity has started to become a worldwide epidemic, millions of individuals are starting to take control of their health and lose weight. In theory, losing weight is pretty simple. You only need to burn more calories than you eat, right? Wrong. This is the common misconception that leads to many people becoming discouraged with their weight loss efforts. The truth is that there are many factors outside of what you eat and how you exercise that factor into your weight loss success. Follow these five tips to fine tune your efforts and increase your results.

  1. See an Endocrinologist – If you have struggled with losing weight despite jillian michaelseating healthy and exercising regularly then you may have an underlying issue preventing you from seeing results. The human body is designed that when it is running properly you can easily lose weight through a healthy diet and moderate exercise a few days per week. However, the chemicals and preservatives that are added to process foods wreak havoc on your hormones. When your endocrine system is out of wack, your weight loss results will suffer. This great fitness advice comes from one of the top industry gurus – Jillian Michaels.
  2. Learn What Exercise Works for You – While cardio and strength training are toted as the best forms of exercise, they are not for everyone. Some people do not yield desired results from running that others do. It is important to try out various workout programs to determine which works best for you. You may feel more comfortable and enjoy the results from a hot yoga class or dance routine in lieu of traditional cardio options.
  3. Focus on Quality, not Quantity – Counting calories allows you to focus on staying within a specific range that is optimal for your targeted weight loss. However, people often assume that they can eat whatever they want providing they stay within their calorie restrictions. This is an incorrect viewpoint. A Big Mac might only have 600-calories but those calories are rich in fat instead of rich in nutrients. The same 600 calories of lemon grilled chicken and a side salad with oil and vinegar will not only provide you with better nutrients but also help you feel satisfied, longer. This is the difference in choosing quality food over focusing on quantity.
  4. Drink Lots of Water & Tea – Water is an important part of your healthy lifestyle. It works with the body to flush out toxins and stimulate the digestive tract. Plain water is the best option however many people enjoy lightly flavored water as well. Instead of purchasing artificially flavored waters, add your own fresh fruits and vegetables to your water and allow it to soak up the flavor throughout the day. Tea is another great option because the caffeine perks you up and helps stimulate digestion without the added calories of coffee.
  5. Find a Buddy – Weight loss is always more fun when you have a friend. Using the buddy system is an excellent way to get the most out of your workouts. Partner up with a friend or co-worker at least twice per week to complete workout buddiesexercises and meal plan. You will both hold each other accountable and work harder towards your goals. The buddy system also stimulates a little healthy competition which increases the success of both parties.