9 Things To Know About The Health Insurance Penalty

With the new American health care laws being passed, it has left many concerned citizens confused on how the health care penalties could potentially affect them. Do you have to pay a fine if you do not have health insurance? How much is the health insurance penalty going to cost? It is cheaper to pay the penalty than to actually have health care insurance? Below are nine things everyone needs to know, and understand, about the new health care insurance policy.read more reviews in their latest comment.


In most states the deadline to purchase health insurance is March 31. If you do not already have insurance through your current employer and do not sign up for health care coverage by March 31, you risk paying penalty.

Know your benefits:

You are entitled to specific benefits by law. The law requires that all policies provide coverage for essential health care benefits. It is extremely important to note that most health care coverage policies have changed and that your premiums may also have changed. If you currently have health care coverage through an employer, check your policy and see if it has changed, and how. It is crucial to understand and know what health care services are, and are not, covered under your health care policy as well as to understand the cost breakdown.

If you have any questions about your policy you need to talk to your place of employment or call the company directly. Ask questions until you have a firm grasp on your coverage and have a sound understanding of your health care benefits.

Read the fine print:

Reading the fine print is something which often gets over looked, however, when it comes to your health insurance policy it could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Make sure you understand your deductibles, which doctors are in your network and all of the pricing details that are outlined in your health care plan. Failure to do read the fine print may not only cost you a lot of money, but may have you waiting for an appointment with a doctor that is no longer in your coverage area.


The Affordable Care Act has expanded the services of Medicaid in most states. If you are unsure of it you qualify for Medicaid, call and speak to them and find out if you qualify. If you do not qualify ask to be referred to someone who can help direct you with the next step in finding affordable health care.

Skip Exchanges:

One of the biggest benefits to the Affordable Care Act is that you can skip the exchanges. This is different in every state, so be sure to contact your health care provider and see if you can get a tax credit to help reduce your premiums.

Ask an expert:

If you are at a complete loss for how to go about getting a new health insurance policy under the Affordable Care Act, do not hesitate to call and ask an expert. Call your current doctor, go online and research, or call the Affordable Care Act hotline. There are experts willing, and waiting, to answer your questions and to help navigate you through this new system.

Face to face advice:

If you are completely at a loss on where to being, frustrated, or overwhelmed, ask your doctor if you can sit down with him/her face to face and have then help explain things for you. If you do not have a current doctor, each state should have various sites which will be able to help you free of charge.

Do you qualify for discount insurance?

Depending upon your current income level, and other factors, you may qualify for a subsidy through the Affordable Healthcare Act. To see if you qualify, go to the Affordable Healthcare Act website.


Know if you HAVE to buy insurance:

Not everyone is mandated to purchase health insurance, however most people are required too. Those who are exempt from purchasing insurance include: persons incarcerated, undocumented immigrants, and people which would suffer extreme economic hardships due to the health care premiums. If you believe you may qualify to be exempt from having to purchase health care, it is imperative you seek help and direction immediately.http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/most-misunderstood-parts-of-new-health-care-law