When can and should your baby join in with your fitness workouts?

fitnessAny age is fine, there’s something for every child stage from newborn on up.  There are many ways that your little one can get a workout going when you do.  Kids like to join in the fun, and even when they can’t even crawl yet, they are watching you jump up and down in front of your TV doing your own fitness regimen.  They see mommy or daddy bouncing around the living room.  Involve them with what is part of your days.  Bring them out in their baby seat and place it near you while you do your stretches, hand weight exercising, videos, whatever it is you do;  just having your baby near is part of fitness for them.  Even if they’re still tiny babies, just watching you they are taking it in.

They should join in with you, its play time to them with you when you’re playing with them.  A good investment is a play gym mat.  Spread it out on your floor and place baby on it while you do your routine. They can lay and see the toys that hang over their heads and eventually they’ll kick out or move their arms at the rattles and toys of your chosen play gym.  They can have tummy time as well too as they stretch out and look at the colorful mat, or you as you do your exercising.  Soon they’ll learn to swat at those toys and kick out their legs.  With you joining in the fun with them too as you lay by them and play with them they are getting fitness as well.  Play gym mats are fun for baby and grows with them from newborn on up.

Tummy time is good as baby lays by you as you work out and get comfortable on their mat and being near you, watching you as you do you r thing.  Soon after about 3 months or so, their hands try to grab and hit the surrounding items on their gym mat as now they can lay on their back and hit and swing at the hanging toys.  You’ll love seeing them in their cute onesies Disney baby clothes as they play.  As time goes by eventually they’ll be able to sit and play on their gym mat as they watch you swing your arms with hand weights and perform your workout.

There are even baby workout toys out there that resemble what you use.  Rattles that look like little hand barbells that you use when you exercise. They have big puffy balls that look like medicine balls that they can hold on to as you work, granted they may drool on theirs.  To them though they are watching and being a part of mommy or daddy’s workouts, as they are holding weightless fuzzy toys designed to look like workout equipment.

So now you know it’s never too early to introduce your baby to fitness.  Look at it also as a way to spend quality time too being near each other and them watching you build up a sweat jumping around thinking that you look silly as they giggle and watch.  As they grow from baby to toddler, they’ll start trying to emulate you and there are products and toys that help them to do so.  Enjoy time with your baby and introducing them to the wonderful world of fitness.


Get a cheap blender for protein shakes that’ll be replaced often or spend more on one that’ll last longer?

FITNESSFitness isn’t just about exercising to get your outsides in shape and strengthen yourself.  It’s about getting fit on the insides too.  You might be ready to go the protein shake route.  They aren’t just for bulking up.  You’re going into knowing there are protein shake regimens that you can take that help you slim down and lose extra weight, or ones that give you an energy boost simply to get you through your work day.

Question is, you’ve decided to take your fitness to the next level and start drinking healthy protein shakes.  Be it whether to firm up, lose weight, or just to get the proper nutrients, vitamins and supplements to get you through your day, you want to go this route.  You’re in line for a blender though.  Which way to go?  You’ve heard stories of just picking up a cheap everyday blender that will easily just mix your protein powder and water and that’s all you need to do the job.

Thing about it is though, it’s good to keep in mind that you get what you pay for.  It may do the job, but for how long.  Is it high quality and going to last you more than a month, or is its motor going to give up after a few too many uses and break down on you.  There are some blenders that cost more and you could go that route and keep in mind you’re paying for something that’ll last, but you don’t need it for anything except mixing shakes up well for yourself. Blendtec is a good mix between quality mixing and a reasonable price.

You don’t need all the extra ‘chop, whip, decimate’ extra buttons that come on these blenders.  You saw one that even makes soup.  All it is that you want is a fast way to finely mix together your powder and water into a smooth consistency which should take a push of a single button and a minute to mix.

One would suggest that if that’s all you want it for, you might want to look at some really good blender reviews.  Take them to court and be the blender judge and lay down your verdict.  Find out firsthand if it is it better to pay a little more and not have to worry about getting another one every other month when the cheap one breaks down on you all the time?

That’s a tough decision to make.  Think about it, maybe if you do put down a mid-range amount for a better blender, there might be a time in your future that you’ll want to have a smoothie and if so, you’ll have a blender that can mix one up nice and smooth for you.  That’s just something to consider.

Either way, congratulations on going to expand your fitness regimen.  That deserves a big pat on the back!   Here’s to hoping you get what you want out of it.   You work hard at the exercise part of your regimen, now taking it to the next level you’ll have all your information, so think what will be best in the long run, and good luck.

Stay Healthy: Stay Safe

GUNSIf you like to get out and about and keep yourself in good condition then you know that not every neighbourhood is safe. Some can be quite dangerous and sometimes people need the means to protect themselves from danger. If you like to go running, or even as you go to and from the gym, sometimes it’s a good idea to have a safety weapon with you. However, it’s just as important to keep that weapon away from thieves or young children. If you have a weapon in the home then you need to look after it as much as you look after yourself. Keeping that gun out of harm’s way doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Here’s why you should invest in some cheap gun safes that you can use in the home.

–       Titan

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, gun safe, then look no further. The Titan is top of the range and won’t disappoint. It has two unique patents for its safety features and comes with a handle, so you can use it to transport valuables with you out of the house, too. It’s small, so it fits under your bed or inside a closet, but it perfectly fits any regularly sized handgun. It incorporates a button-lock mechanism which means you can easily access it if you need it, but cracking the code is extremely difficult so you know it’s safe. The Titan can be bought for around the $3-400 mark, which is a decent price for a reliable, sturdy safe such as this.

–       Winchester

The Winchester is bigger that the Titan and has a thicker exterior wall. It can hold up to two handguns and is nearly impenetrable. It opens using your own fingerprint, so it’s extremely safe and secure from prying hands. However, it doesn’t hold up well against fire and floor. If you live in a disaster prone area this might not work for you, but if not then this is a great safe and comes in around the same price as the Titan.

–       Falcon

This safe is thin but long. It can hold two weapons inside, but it’s a bit of a squeeze. One great feature is that it unlocks electronically, and silently. It’s also the cheapest of our three safes and can be bought for around $299. If you’re looking for a cheap, effective safe, this is the one.

Best Blenders for Getting Healthy

GETTING HEALTHYWe all know getting healthy is tough. It takes hard work and constant vigilance in order to fight the fat and keep it at bay. A great way of both getting in shape and staying there is to use a blender. If you’re new to the world of blenders, then check out Kate at blenders101. Each of these blenders below are top of the line and sure to get you on the right path.

–       Vitamix 5200

If you’re serious about getting into blending then you need a proper machine. The Vitamix is just that. It holds sixty four ounces and is perfect for getting the whole family involved. You’ll be able to whizz through fruits, veg and anything else you want with this excellent blender. However, it comes with a price. For this level of quality and quantity you can expect to pay over four hundred dollars. However, for that price you know you’ll be getting a worthy product.

–       Blendtec Classic Wildside

If four hundred sounds a little too much then you should think about the Classic Wildside. It’s cheaper, hovering around the three hundred mark, but it actually holds even more at ninety six ounces. Although both of these blenders may sound like a lot of money, there’s no point getting a cheap little thing from your local mart as they’ll break very quickly and they won’t blend very well. But these higher end blenders often come with warranties and guarantees, and you can expect it to last years.

–       Ninja Professional Blender(NJ600)

If you’re still not convinced that it’s worth the price tag, then you should go for the Ninja. It’s as good as the other to, has a seventy two ounce capacity, and only costs in the mid two hundreds range. As it’s that little bit cheaper, some of the attention to detail isn’t as good as the others two, and it doesn’t quite have the same look or finish. But it blends brilliantly, and it blends a lot. It will last you a long time and it will get you on the path to healthiness. Any of these three can also be used for sauces, dips, soups, or any sort of liquid deliciousness. You don’t have to stick to fruit and veg all the time, but you do have to stick to your new life. So get fit, get active, get blending.

5 Things You Need To Know About Carryon Luggage Bags And Your Fitness

CARRYONThere is no doubt you already have three or four carry-on luggage bags. If you don’t, then you will certainly buy one at some point. They come in handy for very obvious reasons. But in as much as they save us most inconveniences when travelling, the bags can also cause a number of inconveniences. You only have to book an appointment with a physician to find out how.

Back injuries and fitness concerns

You may not know it but your carryon luggage bag could be the reason behind you back pains. If you are a sportsperson, then the bag could be the reason why your fitness is not at its peak. Injuries to the neck, back and shoulder may be caused by struggling with over packed carry-on luggage bags. Lifting and carrying bulky luggage even for short distances can easily strain your bones, joints and muscles.

Avoiding injuries

It all boils down to using proper judgment when lifting, packing or carrying your luggage carryon bag. Start by looking for a sturdy, light, value priced and transportable bags when shopping. Then go for a  luggage bag with sturdy wheels and comfortable handles. Do not at any point be tempted to buy a luggage bag that is still heavy when empty. It may look good and trendy but the consequences it may bring on you health and fitness may be dire.

Use smart packing techniques

You have to be smart when packing your luggage. As far as possible, place items in a few smaller bags and wraps instead of one large luggage carryon bag. This may take time but it is of course, convenient in the end. Then to lift the luggage, simply stand alongside it and bend at knees. Limit bending at the waist as much as you can.

Be prudent when moving

Hold your luggage close to your body. Do not twist to any angle when lifting and carrying your luggage. Simply point your toes to the direction you are heading then turn your entire body to that direction. If the luggage you are carrying is too cumbersome, get some help. Then do not rush or run when lifting or carrying your luggage carryon bag. Remember to take advantage of your airline’s baggage claim anytime you have to travel with heavier items.

Take care of your spine

This is not as hard as it sounds. The trick lies in using your hands well when pulling your carryon luggage bag. If you have two of them, distribute luggage to each evenly. This will significantly decrease stress to your spine. Less weight on both arms can reduce the risk of succumbing to what physicians refer to as the ‘suitcase elbow’ . It is a chronic condition with the same characteristics and similar conditions to the ‘tennis blow’.

Side note

The aforementioned tips will help you understand what it means to invest in a good carryon luggage bag. But the choice is always up to you. Take time to shop for the best carry on luggage bag. It may cost you much, but you certainly won’t regret buying it.




Concentrating more on your sore feet than your fitness routine or work you should be doing?

FITNESS SHOESThere’s nothing that can distract you during your work day more than constantly suffering from foot pain.  All the walking or standing all day can really wear on you and distract you as well from doing what you should be.  If you are a man and have sore feet and problems with shoes, you should check out Sole of a Man and see what they have to say about your situation.  You know how hard it is, you’ve even had to change your fitness routine because sometimes after work when you head to the gym, when you change your shoes your feet hurt too much to continue and for that day your fitness regimen gets put to the side.  The last thing you want to do is change shoes and put some more stress on you feet.  You’ve had enough for the day and it’s your fitness routine that suffers.

You have shoes for work and shoes for fitness.  It works out best if you do your fitness routine first as it seems those shoes don’t cause you as much of a problem as your work shoes do.  However and unfortunately you can’t start your day with fitness, you have to put on those uncomfortable shoes and head straight to work.  Then by work day end, you’re feet are too sore and tired to carry on.

It’s time to invest some time getting information from the aforementioned areas and see if there’s a shoe out there made just for you.  Made to comfort your feet, not cause them pain.  You’d like to be able to stop skipping your fitness routine and feel like you’re walking on clouds, and not the feeling of walking barefoot on concrete that you have by the end of the day like you do lately.

Learn about what can work for you.  Know that all feet are different and different shoes fit everyone’s feet different, but there is a pair out there for you.  It’s important to know that there is relief for you out there.  There’s relief even if you are on your feet most of the day.  Don’t take another day of suffering and being uncomfortable.  You don’t have to.  It’s time to get back to where you can enjoy your job and get back to keeping fit and in shape and doing your workout, albeit walking, running, aerobics, etc.

Get your feet back into being comfortable no matter what they do.   Work or fitness, it doesn’t matter what for, it’s not right for you to be experiencing any uncomfortableness in whatever it is you do.  It’s time to get your feet issues under control, and there’s no better way to do that than to be informed and to know what it is that you can do for yourself.  The technology is out there to give you a better work day and a better fitness experience for your feet.  It’s time to start.  Don’t suffer another day.

Choose the Healthy Option with Your Baby

These days we don’t know what’s going into our foodstuffs. Organic, free range and natural foods are so hard to come by, not to mention expensive, and the laws aren’t always clear on what is and what isn’t good for you. This nightmare becomes even worse when you start to think about how you’re going to feed your baby. Is formula really good for them? Doesn’t it contain a load of sugars that they don’t need? Is there a better way to feed your child? Well, yes, there is. You can always breast feed them. That way you know exactly what’s going in to them. And if you’re breast feeding then you need to look into the best pumps.


–       I Don’t Want To

Not all women are comfortable breastfeeding, and that’s ok. It can seem scary, or maybe you’ve been told formula is better. But all the evidence suggests breast feeding is good for both you and your child. At least with your own milk you’ll know what you’re putting into your child. It’s as natural, and healthy as it comes.

–       Do I Need to Pump?

Pumping isn’t a necessity, but it can lessen the challenges of breast feeding. Sometimes your baby is hungry at the least opportune moments, like when you’re out on a grocery trip and daddy is with the child, or when you’re out at a fancy restaurant for a meal in front of a bunch of strangers, or when you’re just too tired to let the baby suckle. In times like these a pump is a lifesaver, because you can fill up a few bottles and bring them with you wherever you go and let the baby use these instead.

–       Is It Painful?

A baby does not particularly care for how it treats your teats. Your child is simply hungry, and a hungry baby is a vigorous baby. Pumps are designed to be comfortable and practical. They allow you to position your breasts in and they are gentle as they extract the milk. Many are designed specifically to make the experience more natural and less awkward, which you baby is not going to do.

–       The Natural Way

Formula milk is great, but it’s expensive and at the end of the day who needs to shell out dollars for something contrived in a lab? Your own milk is the natural stuff, the healthy stuff, and your child will benefit from it far more than any factory formula.


Where in the word fitness does it say give up chips and desserts? It definitely won’t after this.

Fitness is a big part of your life. You have a schedule and try to get in a little bit of a workout in every day. You watch what you eat, but must admit, it’s a little boring because you’ve decided to put desserts on the back burner and not make them a part of your regular regimen. You’ve cut down on carbs but every now and then your sweet tooth kicks in and you’re craving a little bit of something deliciously sweet and use all your willpower to hold back from indulging, even a little bit.LOW CARB

What if you could have your craving for desserts satiated? Well you can. Not only are the low carb desserts, they are easy and simple to put together and to top it off, they taste divine. Here are some easy low carb desserts to check out so you don’t have to go without. Enjoy your sweets and still be able to stay on the fitness path you are trying so hard to follow. These desserts will make it easier to follow knowing that there’s a treat you can have to reward yourself for all your hard work.

Didn’t realize you could still enjoy the sweeter side of things, but now you do and you don’t have to hold back anymore. Enjoy a treat that will calm your sweet tooth down and give you some relief from that once constant nagging to eat everything sweet that you’ve seen since you’ve cut sweets off your meal plates. It’s great to know that now there is a way you can enjoy them. It’s even greater to know that they are low carb alternatives that taste every bit as good as their higher carb counterparts.

Now that you’ve seen the sweeter side of fitness, maybe you should take a peek at the salty side of fitness now. You probably miss your chips. For many reasons, from high carbs to fried in oil, they have been crossed off your list. However, you must admit, that you miss them. If only there was a way to get your hands on some salty goodness without feeling the guilt of blowing your health routine you’ve been working so hard on. Here are some healthy chips that you can enjoy. So healthy, so tasty, just remember everything (even health foods) in moderation can work for you.   Take some out for a spin and you might forget what your old chips were ever like in the first place.

Now you have an idea so it’s time to hit up the stores in a new light when you go on your next food shopping trip. You can now enjoy some of the things this life has to offer that you thought had to be put on a back burner and left to be forgotten. It’s not simple to give some of these things up, and now you can see, you don’t have to. There is a way to add to your favorite foods you’ve been missing. Now you know you don’t have to say goodbye. It’s time to say hello again.

The best Workout clothes on the market

BEST WORKOUT CLOTHESWhen you work out you want to be comfortable with the clothes you choose to wear. You don’t want to wear any sweat pants or jeans because those are two hot and restrictive. If you’re anything like the majority of people you want to use a breathable fabric that is also eco-friendly.

One way to accomplish this is by using a new innovative product called tencel fabric. Tencel fabric is a man-made substance that is produced from the pulp of a sustainable tree farm. This fabric is eco-friendly and biodegradable. But that isn’t the best part, it is extremely comfortable to wear. This versatile, eco-friendly, biodegradable, anti-bacterial fabric is so one of the best fabric for workout clothes on the market today. It is durable and very flexible. However, the cost of the tencel fabric clothes is pricier than the other eco-friendly exercise outfits the benefits far out-weight the cost difference.

Another option for eco-friendly clothing for working out is Coca-Colas recycled plastic workout t-shirts. These shirts are made to fit comfortably and are made out of the recycled plastic from coke bottles. They come with cute little recycling friendly sayings and are produced out of three-four different used coke bottles. They are sold exclusively at Wal-Mart and are very affordable.

Kavu has the Soy U like it? Jacket that is produced by eco-friendly spun soy beans and eco-friendly organic cotton blend. They are super soft and great for those misty morning runs. This Jacket is also very affordable for a workout jacket that is eco-friendly. The design is great and it looks amazing on.

Nau’s stylus yoga pants are made from organic cotton and spandex. They are comfortable and form fitting. They work great for workout yoga pants and are environmentally friendly. Go hiking, lounging, or workout with these stylish relaxing pants. The price for these pants is in the middle of reasonable and expensive but for the quality of pant you can’t get a better price.

Gaiam’s printed yoga Capri are made eco recycled poly performance blend. The poly blend is made from plastic that is rescued from landfills, and a touch of spandex for four way stretch and recycled into clothing. These are truly some comfortable capris. The band won’t fold when you bend making it the perfect yoga Capri for exercise. The price is somewhere between reasonable and expensive. The quality is impeccable, however, there are only two color options, blue or pink.

But before you put on all this you will need your eco-friendly sports bra and what better bra to get than the Moving Comfort’s Juno bra. This revolutionary sports bra is a super-supportive racer back bra with all new revolutionary fabric for the cups. This revolutionary fabric is called S. Café polyester fabric, which is made from recycled coffee grounds. With chafe-free comfort and the mesh back it helps keep you cool and dry during your exercises. The cost if expensive for a sports bra but the benefits of the bra are much more beneficial than a regular Hanes sports bra.

Workout clothes and equipment can be eco-friendly just like you are. So explore your options and find the best and most affordable options for your workout routine and your eco-friendly life style.


Staying healthy when you eat

healthyThere are many things that you can do to stay healthy and maintain your fitness routine and one of those things is to eat healthy. By eating healthy you will keep your body in shape and have the energy to maintain your active lifestyle. Eating fruits and vegetables regularly and minimize your red meat intake. The more fish and vegetables you take into your body the healthier you will be. Many people believe that to eat healthy you have to be selective of what you eat but that isn’t really the case. You can eat almost anything you like as long as you eat in moderation and in smaller portions. So enjoy those moments when you eat ice cream, take in some delicious fruits, and grill some awesome vegetables. But make sure you eat in moderation. Instead of eating the entire bag of chips eat a small bowl, or instead of eating a big bowl of ice cream eat just two scoops.

One way to stay healthy when you eat is to grill all your food. This is a great way to lock in the vitamins and nutrients that are naturally in your food without cooking it out. Many people don’t realize that grilled food is actually healthier than even baked food. With grilling your food you control the temperature and you control the length of time on the grill. You don’t have to use any oils or unnatural heating elements. You can use a charcoal grill and make all kinds of great meals with just some charcoal, a few spices and your favorite vegetables and meats. Not only are vegetables and meats great on the grill but so are fruits.

Try grilling some Salmon with some asparagus and some bananas. This would be a great healthy meal option to try for a wonderful dinner at home. Salmon is high in vitamins and nutrients while asparagus is great for you as well and bananas are delicious when grilled and drizzled with a little honey. One thing to remember when grilling your food is that they food has to be completely cooked all the way through. One way to accomplish this is to use a thermometer but with that you have to insert the thermometer into the meat and veggies and if they are still on the grill it can be quite hot. Another way to accomplish this is to use an infrared thermometer. This thermometer can determine the temperature of the food you are cooking from a distance without you having to put your hands close to the fire in the grill. Many people have custom designed grills with a thermometer built in to the grill for the temperature of the grill but in order to know the true temperature of the food you need a food thermometer. This can be accomplished with the infrared thermometer.

Making sure you eat healthy and maintain your exercise routine is how you stay fit and healthy with a busy active lifestyle. Not everyone has time to get a nutritionist or head to the gym everyday but keeping active and eating foods that are high in proteins, vitamins, and nutrients will help you to keep a more active and healthy lifestyle.