Beachbody’s Multi-level Series P90X and Insanity: Pushing Your Body to the Next Level


Extreme workouts and exercises are not in the gym alone. With Beachbody’s multi-level series P90X and Insanity, one can push his or her body to the next level of extreme workouts by staying just at home. The exercises tools are equipped with multi-DVD series together with an all-embracing instruction manual and diet plan focusing on the consumer’s achievement of the ultimate result as possible. Both workouts are intended for a person who is working out at an advanced level, modification of either series can be done by beginners to have the capacity for their current ability. Both programs are focused on enhancing one’s stamina, endurance, muscle, trimming fat and weight. P90X has a significant difference from Insanity. In order for you to know what best suits for you, thorough assessment and evaluation of both programs in comparison to your general exercise and goals is a must.

Metabolic Conditioning 101

Since the main focus of P90X and Insanity is all about metabolic conditioning, a basic understanding of this concept will aid in what to choose as the best workout for you. Metabolic conditioning is defined as integrated training (whole-body) equipped with sessions of high work rate–type exercises, followed by activities during recovery or without recovery period. One of the main objectives is to increase the usage of calories in the workout process and excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This type of training is generally attained in conjunction with of one or more of the following:

  • Manipulation of load or the extent of resistance
  • Manipulation of work volume
  • Manipulation of power and rate of work

The initial improvements in strength are noticeable in the early stage of the program.

Metabolic conditioning corresponds to different things to different individuals. For example, for athletes, this training is a way that copies their sports demands. For occupational professionals, this is task-specific because this prepares them in handling their jobs efficiently. For most people, metabolic conditioning is just all about overall health and fitness.

Deciding if which is better for You, P90X or Insanity?

P90X or Insanity both claims that it will transform one’s body. P90X focus mainly on resistance, losing fat and gaining muscle mass. It does not focus on trimming your weight down. Whereas insanity focuses mainly on cardio, resistance and losing weight, it does not aid in building muscle mass. You can check out this Insanity workout review for more info on Insanity. Here are some tips to help you decide what best suits you:

  • Establish your desired fitness goals. Know if you want to lose weight or build a lean body with prominent muscles.
  • Estimate your work place and equipment. P90X requires dumbbells in different weights and a pull up bar. A spacious area might be needed for more intense exercises.
  • Know what traditional workout you like. Both P90X and Insanity mirror traditional workouts such as weight lifting, jogging, cycling and both anaerobic and aerobic exercises.
  • Establish and calculate the amount of time that you will devote. Both P90X and Insanity requires at least two hours a day for a better result.
  • Always have a plan B. Consider what will you do if you are unable to perform difficult and intense exercises that is beyond your ability.
  • Know your motivations. If you know the things that motivate you most, performing intense exercises and selecting what type of exercises you want will be an easy task for you.