Get a cheap blender for protein shakes that’ll be replaced often or spend more on one that’ll last longer?

FITNESSFitness isn’t just about exercising to get your outsides in shape and strengthen yourself.  It’s about getting fit on the insides too.  You might be ready to go the protein shake route.  They aren’t just for bulking up.  You’re going into knowing there are protein shake regimens that you can take that help you slim down and lose extra weight, or ones that give you an energy boost simply to get you through your work day.

Question is, you’ve decided to take your fitness to the next level and start drinking healthy protein shakes.  Be it whether to firm up, lose weight, or just to get the proper nutrients, vitamins and supplements to get you through your day, you want to go this route.  You’re in line for a blender though.  Which way to go?  You’ve heard stories of just picking up a cheap everyday blender that will easily just mix your protein powder and water and that’s all you need to do the job.

Thing about it is though, it’s good to keep in mind that you get what you pay for.  It may do the job, but for how long.  Is it high quality and going to last you more than a month, or is its motor going to give up after a few too many uses and break down on you.  There are some blenders that cost more and you could go that route and keep in mind you’re paying for something that’ll last, but you don’t need it for anything except mixing shakes up well for yourself. Blendtec is a good mix between quality mixing and a reasonable price.

You don’t need all the extra ‘chop, whip, decimate’ extra buttons that come on these blenders.  You saw one that even makes soup.  All it is that you want is a fast way to finely mix together your powder and water into a smooth consistency which should take a push of a single button and a minute to mix.

One would suggest that if that’s all you want it for, you might want to look at some really good blender reviews.  Take them to court and be the blender judge and lay down your verdict.  Find out firsthand if it is it better to pay a little more and not have to worry about getting another one every other month when the cheap one breaks down on you all the time?

That’s a tough decision to make.  Think about it, maybe if you do put down a mid-range amount for a better blender, there might be a time in your future that you’ll want to have a smoothie and if so, you’ll have a blender that can mix one up nice and smooth for you.  That’s just something to consider.

Either way, congratulations on going to expand your fitness regimen.  That deserves a big pat on the back!   Here’s to hoping you get what you want out of it.   You work hard at the exercise part of your regimen, now taking it to the next level you’ll have all your information, so think what will be best in the long run, and good luck.