Enhance your Workout; Listen to Metalcore Music

Metalcore Band - BMTHEveryone has their own unique methods of working out. Some like it at home alone and some like it in the gym with peers. Whether what is the workout setting, listening to music while working out has been used by many as a source of motivation. We have different reactions to certain types of beats even if the songs we are listening to has just the same tempo. Most people opt for faster tunes when incorporating music into their workout in order to get that extra pump and motivation.

If you are looking for a faster beat, you might want to try the new genre of the combination of extreme metal and hardcore punk which is now baptized with the name “metalcore”. Metalcore bands emphasizes on breakdown (a song where different instruments has their solo parts) and very conducive to moshing or slam dancing.

Appreciating Metalcore

Metalcore is one of the most miscellaneous genres of music today. Appreciating this music genre may take time. In order for a person to appreciate this genre and go with the flow, the following tips may be helpful:

  • Empty your own cup. Remove any misconceptions about metalcore. This genre is not just about bands making noise, screaming hateful language and worshipping demons. You may find a lot of metalcore songs that are melodic and often times beautiful. Metalcore bands are trained professionally and can play with high level of proficiency. They even incorporate jazz, classical, folk, opera and oldies music and transform them into a fast beat song.
  • Assess your genre. Consider first what music do you usually listen to and you will know what metalcore music best suits you. Have a comparison with your present genre and with metalcore songs. For sure, there will always be a common denominator.
  • Listen and reflect. Focus on listening and reflecting to the song’s beat, instruments, rhythm , lyrics and what are the message of the songs. Metalcore is so diverse, suiting your choice of song will always be possible.
  • Watch a live metalcore band performance. If you do not want to watch it live, at least you can watch it online. Seeing the chemistry between band members playing their own instrument with a high level of mastery and coordination with bandmates, can aid you to better appreciate metalcore especially if you are a band member or you just play instrument.
  • Know the history of metalcore. Research facts about this genre. More information can be found in just a click away on the internet. The more true information you know, the fewer false ideas you will have.
  • Enjoy metalcore in your own way. Slam dancing  with crowds is the best way to enjoy this genre. If you are afraid to get hurt, just sit back relax, and just watch it online.

Effects of Working out while Listening to Metalcore

They say music is the legal drug of choice for most athletes. As a source of motivation, music has become part of their everyday life. It’s just like you can’t work out without music or you have less productivity without it. Music has a great influence and effect in every individual. Mostly, fast paced, rapid beats and progressive music are the choice of people working out. Have you ever tried lifting a great amount of weight or run while listening to acoustic or slow dramatic music? Are you that motivated? Well, most people are not, they prefer the fast paced ones. If you have appreciated metalcore, which is fast paced and lively music, you can now incorporate it in your work out. It has positive effects that will surely increase one’s productivity.

  • Reduces one’s perception of effort leading to more work productivity.
  • Increases endurance as much as 15 percent.
  • The faster the beat, the faster the intensity.
  • Reduces physical and mental stress