Facilitating Sports for a Better, Healthier Community

While politicians and the media flap their mouths about the economy, average income, interest rates, poverty lines and such, much remains out of focus. Healthcare suffers deterioration not only from abundance of food and drinks contributing to pleasure and health problems alike but also from lack of incentives for the youth to exercise and engage actively in sports. Much can be done in this field and much is frankly going on in some countries but we need to sit down and think long and hard for ways to improve on this. Lack of sporting activities can result in an unhealthy kind of lifestyle and the subsequent heart diseases and various other complications. This article will explore means to relieve the situation and provide more opportunities for youth and adults to exercise and sport more actively.

The Money Factor

As we have witnessed many times over, the monetary factor can play a huge role in determining people’s behaviour. Some will simply refuse to participate on the grounds of not being able to profit from any sports activities completely ignoring the fact the real benefit is their improved fitness and physical condition in general. Others are simply not included to get involved if they have to pay for it. Take a regular gym for instance. You can either pay for a once off kind of training session or purchase a monthly card that provides better rates but its still something to take out your pocket and pay. Would it make any sort of difference if one can simply walk in and begin exercising, no questions asked? Absolutely. The monetary factor can not be underestimated and if there were a few government-funded gyms that people can use for free, what’s so bad with that? Sure, privately owned gyms in the are will not be so happy but investing in health renders them to suffer some consequences. If they truly provide a real benefit to society despite their rates, they will manage to survive even with some state owned competitor in the neighbourhood. Maybe this will encourage them to invest in better equipment to attract more customers too so its not all lost.


Parental Control and Upbringing

Parents have an enormous impact on their children, especially during the first fifteen years. Teaching and encouraging constant exercise and sports can actually make the difference, predisposing a growing number of kids to pick up sports and/or exercise more regularly. Granted, some children are not into sports at all and there is not much we can do about that but to look for a nice alternative they can engage in. Riding a bicycle may not seem like much but it actually is when comparing studies of people riding regularly with the ones that do not engage in any sporting activity at all. Even having a disability does not stop people from picking up sports and the special Olympics category is a fine example for that.

Building Playgrounds/sports Facilities

With heavy industry, globalization and the rapidly expanding service sector, more and more urban space is being taken by office buildings, headquarters and manufacturing facilities. Less and less space is being left for playgrounds, parks and resting areas. Every municipality faces this choice – well being of its citizens versus raising more funds from business conduct, investments in the area and taxes. More playgrounds for the children as well as football, basketball, tennis, table tennis and more sports places can actually make a real tangible difference in people’s lives and well being. Especially if those are made available, free and are regularly looked after and repaired when necessary.


Whether exercising more will bring a real benefit to each and every individual is completely out of question. Whether we’ll start taking this matter into our own hands and begin making the difference, however is yet to be decided.