Football Training: Kicking Balls for Beginners

Who says football training is just for pros? Don’t you know that a series of active football fitness training drills is applicable to an average person to mould himself into a better physical shape?

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Football is a sport that necessitate the athlete to have the potential in areas such as stamina, strength, agility, speed and tactics. In order for the player to grow better in this sport, football training drills are created to get the player in the best shape that he can be.

What are some Football Training Drills Suited for Beginners?

For aspiring players to get a name in football, here are some drills that may be suited for them:

  • Box Jumps. A drill that is consist of jumping onto a 2 to 3 feet high big stable box. Box jumps strengthens the lower extremities by promoting power and building the muscles of specific areas. The person commence by standing at the box’s foot that is about 8 inches away. Then, he now jump up onto the box’s edge, stand up straight and then jump back to the commencing position. Box jumps are repeated as much as 10 to 20 times or upon client’s limit.
  • Ladder Drill. A person must draw an imaginary ladder on the ground. Then the drill is started by standing at the ladder’s bottom with the feet in shoulder width apart. Now the person takes a step into the first square with the dominant foot first alternated by the non-dominant foot. Then the person steps outside of the next second square with either foot, then the other foot is stepped on the square’s other side. After this he now step back in the second square’s inside area and then back to the fourth square’s outside area. The drill is continued until the ladder’s top is reached. The steps must be quick enough to develop the player’s speed, stamina and agility.
  • Tire Runs. The person sprints through the tires that is set up in a zig-zag pattern. This drill develops the person’s agility, endurance, speed and strength of the leg. He must run through the tires putting each foot in the hole of the tire alternately and must be done as quickly as possible. After finishing the end of the tire track, he must go back immediately to the starting position.
  • Shuttle Runs. This develops a person’s endurance, speed and lower body strength. It involves sprinting and gradually increasing each sprint’s distance. The person may begin sprinting for 10 yards and then returning to the starting position while touching the yard line. He may now then increase it to 20 yards, 30 yards and so forth, as long as he still can do it.
  • Vertical Power Jumps. This develops the person’s leg power, stamina and builds its muscles. Vertical power jumps drill involves a series of jumping as high as possible with all the person’s force and might. He must start bending the knees first. With all of his explosive power, he jumps as high as possible and drives the knees towards the chest upon leaping. This must be done 10 to 20 times without resting between each jump.