When can and should your baby join in with your fitness workouts?

fitnessAny age is fine, there’s something for every child stage from newborn on up.  There are many ways that your little one can get a workout going when you do.  Kids like to join in the fun, and even when they can’t even crawl yet, they are watching you jump up and down in front of your TV doing your own fitness regimen.  They see mommy or daddy bouncing around the living room.  Involve them with what is part of your days.  Bring them out in their baby seat and place it near you while you do your stretches, hand weight exercising, videos, whatever it is you do;  just having your baby near is part of fitness for them.  Even if they’re still tiny babies, just watching you they are taking it in.

They should join in with you, its play time to them with you when you’re playing with them.  A good investment is a play gym mat.  Spread it out on your floor and place baby on it while you do your routine. They can lay and see the toys that hang over their heads and eventually they’ll kick out or move their arms at the rattles and toys of your chosen play gym.  They can have tummy time as well too as they stretch out and look at the colorful mat, or you as you do your exercising.  Soon they’ll learn to swat at those toys and kick out their legs.  With you joining in the fun with them too as you lay by them and play with them they are getting fitness as well.  Play gym mats are fun for baby and grows with them from newborn on up.

Tummy time is good as baby lays by you as you work out and get comfortable on their mat and being near you, watching you as you do you r thing.  Soon after about 3 months or so, their hands try to grab and hit the surrounding items on their gym mat as now they can lay on their back and hit and swing at the hanging toys.  You’ll love seeing them in their cute onesies Disney baby clothes as they play.  As time goes by eventually they’ll be able to sit and play on their gym mat as they watch you swing your arms with hand weights and perform your workout.

There are even baby workout toys out there that resemble what you use.  Rattles that look like little hand barbells that you use when you exercise. They have big puffy balls that look like medicine balls that they can hold on to as you work, granted they may drool on theirs.  To them though they are watching and being a part of mommy or daddy’s workouts, as they are holding weightless fuzzy toys designed to look like workout equipment.

So now you know it’s never too early to introduce your baby to fitness.  Look at it also as a way to spend quality time too being near each other and them watching you build up a sweat jumping around thinking that you look silly as they giggle and watch.  As they grow from baby to toddler, they’ll start trying to emulate you and there are products and toys that help them to do so.  Enjoy time with your baby and introducing them to the wonderful world of fitness.