Fitness Party: The New Fitness Trend!

Do you want to finally get rid of those excess fats right around your belly but don’t have the ability to that? In this fast-paced age, many people are really having a difficult time to care about themselves and do certain things they want because of their so many obligations and commitments – to their work, to their children, and to their family. Like many people, your commitment to giving your family a better life and strong desire to moving up the corporate ladder may be taking a toll on your overall health. But there’s some good news. Since obesity is increasingly becoming a developing world problem, more and more people are now becoming aware and thinking of ways on how to prevent or solve it. Fortunately, one solution have been invented to help people get healthier without sacrificing their work or family – and it’s combining social time with exercise or what is now popularly called fitness party!

fitness party

From birthday celebrations, to company outings, to college reunions, and even to divorce parties, U.S. gyms are now offering fitness parties as new ways to celebrate in a more active way. Many health experts see this as a great opportunity to lose some pounds while having fun with your loved ones. Pole dancing parties are among the most-requested kinds of fitness party, with young women in their 20’s and 30’s would like to give this new trend a try.

Fitness parties work the same way as other parties – there are still drinks, foods, party decorations, party equipment and supplies, such as birthday paper products, tableware, balloons, etc. As they say, a party is not a party without some foods! However, the only difference is you let the participants or guests eat later. Fitness parties are typically made up of 1 to 1 ½ of playtime or exercise and 1 hour or more for food and chat.  At the start of the party, all the guests will be required to attend a fitness class, it can be a yoga or pole dancing (depending on your choice), and then sweat for 1 hour. After the class, guests will usually change in the locker room, dress up, and then head for foods and drinks.

A lot of people, especially professionals, who can’t find time to exercise, are liking this new trend. Instead of attending a typical dinner or company celebration, they are attending fitness classes with other friends. There aren’t many places where you can get a chance to have fun while making sure you’re not harming your health. We live in a world that is full of many temptations and wherever you go, there are always unhealthy snacks, alcoholic drinks, and many more. But in fitness parties, you can make sure that you will improve your fitness and health while having fun with your friends and loved ones. This is the reason why this new trend is becoming increasingly popular today.

But it’s important for you to know that fitness parties are not only available in gyms and fitness studios. You can organize it anywhere, even at your home! Just take out your collection of yoga DVDs or ask your friends to bring one exercise video, make some healthy snacks, and start shaking your hips with your buddies! It’s only that simple. However, if you really don’t have any idea how to do it, you can ask your fitness instructor to help you with the organizing. And did you know that fitness parties are not just for adults? You can use it for your children’s parties, too! If you have a child and you’re looking for unique ways to celebrate it, then a fitness party is a great idea. You can arrange it by providing an hour of cooperative games followed by an hour in the party area for foods and presents. Have fun!