Attending the gym after childbirth

It’s difficult to know when it’s OK to start back at the gym after giving birth. Some people will tell you that you should wait at least six weeks, but in all honesty if you had an uncomplicated birth and you feel otherwise fit and well, it is not necessary to wait six weeks. Many women return back to the gym after only two weeks of giving birth. If you had surgery however, such as a caesarean then the six week rule may apply. If you are in doubt about how soon you can return to the gym after giving birth then you may wish to discuss it with your health visitor.

Ease yourself back into rigorous exercise gently

You will however have to ease yourself back into rigorous exercise gently. You should start with gentle walking and stretching exercises, then move on to the treadmill and gentle weights. It will take time to get back to your regular routine as your joint and ligaments will be loser after childbirth and this can affect your balance and cause falls. Also your internal organs will be sensitive and although you may feel back to normal this will not be the case internally. Spend time building your strength back up again and ease yourself into exercise gently.

Breastfeeding will also help you lose weight

Most women’s goal of returning back to the gym after giving birth is to lose weight as well as to tone up flabby tummies and thighs. Remember that if you are feeding your baby naturally then you will need to consume an extra 1000 calories more a day than you would normally. Breastfeeding will also help you lose weight as well as while the baby suckles she will tone up your tummy muscles at the same time as well as take those extra calories from your body.

Swimming is also a great way

If you like swimming you may wish to take your baby with you. Your baby can start to learn to swim from a very young age, even if they have not had all their vaccinations. Remember, your baby has spent nine months swimming around in amniotic fluid so they are quite used to being afloat. Swimming is also a great way for a mother and baby to bond and of course mummy gets fit at the same time.

If childcare is an issue and you want to go to the gym alone then it might be worth investigating to find out if your local gym has childcare facilities.  Many do. Some women worry about leaving their new-born alone for a few hours but it can be healthy for mummy and baby to spend some time apart. It gives other family members a chance to bond with the baby, it will get your baby used to spending time without you and it will give you a few hours to be ‘you’ again and not just a mummy. If you are worried about your feeding routine while you are at the gym then it might be worthwhile you investing in a breast pump so that you can naturally take your own milk and someone else can give it to your baby while you are at the gym.

Want to have all the bases covered when it comes to biking? It might be hybrid time!

If you want to have all the bases covered when it comes to biking you might be interested in going the hybrid bike route. Its different types of biking fitness molded into one bike. What exactly is a hybrid bike? It’s basically all your dream bikes rolled up into one bad bike that can take it all. It is a basic bike that can take on a lot of different riding conditions and ways to ride. For instance it’s a road bike, touring bike, and mountain bike all rolled up into one awesome bike that can handle different uses and terrains. If you want a bike that can handle different trails as you like to ride in different areas, a hybrid bike will take you from road bike to mountain ground with just a turn off the beaten path onto the one you want next.

Here is a basic breakdown of the types of bikes made up in a hybrid

  • Road bike: this bike is useful on regular streets and roads and has the wheels to take you on a smooth ride.
  • Touring bike: can handle holding heavier weights such as carrying a backpack or other gear with you on a ride. It’s made to be more comfortable than the average bike for longer treks on your ride.
  • Mountain bike: the wheels have more tread to be able to handle the different types of terrains it might encounter from rocky roads to sandy paths. It’s ready for all types.

If you’ve been interested at all in a hybrid bike, you definitely need to take a look at a number of hybrid bikes and see what there is out there that might just catch your eye and offer you the perfect ride. Hybrid bikes are great to have because they are ready for whatever need you might have at any given moment. Triple fitness in one mean lean biking machine!

Just think about it, one weekend you’re all set up for a road experience just a ride through the city or town areas then the next weekend you’re ready to hit the mountain trails. You don’t need to rent or buy a bike for each trip, you have a hybrid bike. You’re ready to take anything that comes your way, be it road, touring, or mountain. All you need is just one bike to do the work of three. It doesn’t get much better than that.

No trips to the bike shop to get your tires changed, no settling for less gears when you need to take the bike up on the mountain. Everything is available in one package. It’s convenient for the type of ride you are getting into at the time. There’s no difficult changes or rules. All there is, is just one bike to handle all different types of fitness rides you have in mind. Be ready to hit the road at any time, and on any road. You can’t go wrong with a hybrid bike.

Facilitating Sports for a Better, Healthier Community

While politicians and the media flap their mouths about the economy, average income, interest rates, poverty lines and such, much remains out of focus. Healthcare suffers deterioration not only from abundance of food and drinks contributing to pleasure and health problems alike but also from lack of incentives for the youth to exercise and engage actively in sports. Much can be done in this field and much is frankly going on in some countries but we need to sit down and think long and hard for ways to improve on this. Lack of sporting activities can result in an unhealthy kind of lifestyle and the subsequent heart diseases and various other complications. This article will explore means to relieve the situation and provide more opportunities for youth and adults to exercise and sport more actively.

The Money Factor

As we have witnessed many times over, the monetary factor can play a huge role in determining people’s behaviour. Some will simply refuse to participate on the grounds of not being able to profit from any sports activities completely ignoring the fact the real benefit is their improved fitness and physical condition in general. Others are simply not included to get involved if they have to pay for it. Take a regular gym for instance. You can either pay for a once off kind of training session or purchase a monthly card that provides better rates but its still something to take out your pocket and pay. Would it make any sort of difference if one can simply walk in and begin exercising, no questions asked? Absolutely. The monetary factor can not be underestimated and if there were a few government-funded gyms that people can use for free, what’s so bad with that? Sure, privately owned gyms in the are will not be so happy but investing in health renders them to suffer some consequences. If they truly provide a real benefit to society despite their rates, they will manage to survive even with some state owned competitor in the neighbourhood. Maybe this will encourage them to invest in better equipment to attract more customers too so its not all lost.


Parental Control and Upbringing

Parents have an enormous impact on their children, especially during the first fifteen years. Teaching and encouraging constant exercise and sports can actually make the difference, predisposing a growing number of kids to pick up sports and/or exercise more regularly. Granted, some children are not into sports at all and there is not much we can do about that but to look for a nice alternative they can engage in. Riding a bicycle may not seem like much but it actually is when comparing studies of people riding regularly with the ones that do not engage in any sporting activity at all. Even having a disability does not stop people from picking up sports and the special Olympics category is a fine example for that.

Building Playgrounds/sports Facilities

With heavy industry, globalization and the rapidly expanding service sector, more and more urban space is being taken by office buildings, headquarters and manufacturing facilities. Less and less space is being left for playgrounds, parks and resting areas. Every municipality faces this choice – well being of its citizens versus raising more funds from business conduct, investments in the area and taxes. More playgrounds for the children as well as football, basketball, tennis, table tennis and more sports places can actually make a real tangible difference in people’s lives and well being. Especially if those are made available, free and are regularly looked after and repaired when necessary.


Whether exercising more will bring a real benefit to each and every individual is completely out of question. Whether we’ll start taking this matter into our own hands and begin making the difference, however is yet to be decided.

The Best Workout Clothes On The Market

When you work out you want to be comfortable with the clothes you choose to wear. You don’t want to wear any sweat pants or jeans because those are two hot and restrictive. If you’re anything like the majority of people you want to use a breathable fabric that is also eco-friendly.

One way to accomplish this is by using a new innovative product called tencel fabric. Tencel fabric is a man-made substance that is produced from the pulp of a sustainable tree farm. This fabric is eco-friendly and biodegradable. But that isn’t the best part, it is extremely comfortable to wear. This versatile, eco-friendly, biodegradable, anti-bacterial fabric is so one of the best fabric for workout clothes on the market today. It is durable and very flexible. However, the cost of the tencel fabric clothes is pricier than the other eco-friendly exercise outfits the benefits far out-weight the cost difference.

Another option for eco-friendly clothing for working out is Coca-Colas recycled plastic workout t-shirts. These shirts are made to fit comfortably and are made out of the recycled plastic from coke bottles. They come with cute little recycling friendly sayings and are produced out of three-four different used coke bottles. They are sold exclusively at Wal-Mart and are very affordable.

Kavu has the Soy U like it? Jacket that is produced by eco-friendly spun soy beans and eco-friendly organic cotton blend. They are super soft and great for those misty morning runs. This Jacket is also very affordable for a workout jacket that is eco-friendly. The design is great and it looks amazing on.

Nau’s stylus yoga pants are made from organic cotton and spandex. They are comfortable and form fitting. They work great for workout yoga pants and are environmentally friendly. Go hiking, lounging, or workout with these stylish relaxing pants. The price for these pants is in the middle of reasonable and expensive but for the quality of pant you can’t get a better price.

Gaiam’s printed yoga Capri are made eco recycled poly performance blend. The poly blend is made from plastic that is rescued from landfills, and a touch of spandex for four way stretch and recycled into clothing. These are truly some comfortable capris. The band won’t fold when you bend making it the perfect yoga Capri for exercise. The price is somewhere between reasonable and expensive. The quality is impeccable, however, there are only two color options, blue or pink.

But before you put on all this you will need your eco-friendly sports bra and what better bra to get than the Moving Comfort’s Juno bra. This revolutionary sports bra is a super-supportive racer back bra with all new revolutionary fabric for the cups. This revolutionary fabric is called S. Café polyester fabric, which is made from recycled coffee grounds. With chafe-free comfort and the mesh back it helps keep you cool and dry during your exercises. The cost if expensive for a sports bra but the benefits of the bra are much more beneficial than a regular Hanes sports bra.

Workout clothes and equipment can be eco-friendly just like you are. So explore your options and find the best and most affordable options for your workout routine and your eco-friendly life style.